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Solving your Insurance Challenges One Policy at a Time

Focused on your most critical issues and opportunities, Hashtag Insurance Agency will  capture  value across multiple layers by solving challenges with an innovative and a holistic approach.  Our consultative approach works with you to develop  SPECIALIZED PACKAGES THAT ARE RIGHT FOR YOU

Our Services

Our Servuces

Your personal insurance services consultant carefully reviews your insurance needs and shops the industry for the most competitively priced and most complete coverage for your individual requirements

Group Healthcare

Strategic Benefits Planning, to help maintain compliance, manage rising costs, and improve employees overall knowledge and health awareness. Our Model is based on a modern, innovative approach to overall Healthcare


We specialize in working across all platforms of business, reviewing your Business Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Workers Comp, Payroll to provide you with the best possible cost savings model for your company

Individual Healthcare

Choose from a variety of plans that fit your needs and budget.

Plans for Catastrophic, Standard, Short Term and Comprehensive plans.

Health sharing plans also available

Employer Services

Focus on what you do best and let our outsourcing services relieve you of your day to day administrative headaches

PEO and Staffing Services

Comprehensive Business solutions that free up your time and reduce your overall costs

HR and Safety Compliance

Our goal is to help you build and “brand” a company culture that will better protect your business from OSHA, WHD and the other 20 divisions within the Department of Labor and their more than 10,000 regulations.

Credentialing and
Badge System

It’s time to take your company credentials off the wall and your employee accomplishments out of their personnel files and put that information directly in the hands of your customers. It’s the first step in creating a relationship and comfort level to help assure you get and keep their business. And now, our TrustSafe ID (employee badging) and ProVerify (credential) programs offer you just that.

Giving Books

Send your customers a gift as a Thank You for trusting your company 

Giving Books are Hard Bound, Glossy Cover Books that are Unique and Personalized to feature you customers child as the main character  


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